Only when you uncover the real story behind your fears, will they no longer hold power over you.

CORONOVIRUS POLICY - Updated 13th March 2020

I am currently still offering in person appointments in Salisbury and Tisbury. I am also offering all clients the option of switching to online sessions via Zoom.

If you are attending an appointment in person please do not come to clinic if you are returning from any of the areas or have been in contact with someone who has recently visited one of the areas listed in the government guidance; have been in contact with someone who has suspected or confirmed Coronavirus or if you have flu symptoms or a cold.

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I’m Kirsty Wick, founder of the practice and I believe that with the right help there is no challenge you cannot overcome. We use Psychodynamic Hypnotherapy to help you:

       Free yourself from physical and emotional suffering, so you             can find confidence and freedom


       Get to the root cause of anxiety or trauma, so you can find 

balance and resilience


       Break free of things that hold you back in life, so you can

reach your true potential.

With this unique therapeutic process, we help you uncover your true life story. Not necessarily the one you remember or have been told, but the truth of your early life as you experienced it. The story that, even if you’re unaware of it, is still influencing your choices and the way you experiences life today.
















Psychodynamic Hypnotherapy goes beyond the limited approach of standard trademarked forms of hypnotherapy. It allows you to experience the full spectrum and transformational potential of hypnotherapy by enabling you to access the deep emotional healing ability of your mind.


This makes it a revolutionary approach to healing unresolved emotional issues and trauma.


The deep insights you gain and the emotional release that takes place during this process sets you free to create the life you dream of living and make the seemingly impossible - possible.




Discover the ten signs of chronic stress and what you can do to reduce stress levels and increase your resilience.


Swipe your copy of our FREE Rescue Remedy Plan today and learn simple, small, actionable steps to reduce your stress levels immediately.


PLUS for a limited time only you will also receive The 7 Minute Reset MP3 a short, powerful, evidence based and incredibly effective hypnosis audio designed to rapidly reverse the stress response and flood your system with calm.




Here to help you

If you want more information about any of the services we offer or are just in need of a chat with an experienced Therapist (as a team we have all spent our life either in therapy, studying therapy or being a Therapist), you are welcome to arrange a call using the scheduler below.




What happens when you are triggered? What do you do when someone does something or says something which causes you to have a strong emotional reaction?


Swipe your copy of our FREE guide TRIGGERED today and discover how to see beneath the surface of your reactions, understand what’s really going on and how to use it to accelerate your personal growth.



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Finally understanding that I wasn’t ‘making it up’ has been incredibly liberating.  Kirsty's  explanations of how the mind works are so useful and have helped me to understand myself.  Her empathy and professional knowledge made me feel safe and I really needed that. 


VS, May 2018


Kirsty is respectful, friendly and wise. Her approach puts you at ease. You will be able to address past traumas and she will help you to become resourceful and this will increase your sense of independence and empowerment. This gentle, natural, safe method gives you the opportunity to make big changes in your life. Expect great results when you work with her! I am so glad that I was able to get her support. 


MH, January 2016


Having suffered with lower back pain my entire adult life, I went to see Kirsty after multiple other alternative therapies had limited success. Kirsty was very welcoming and I felt comfortable talking to her during our sessions of hypnotherapy. After seeing Kirsty I discovered that the  physical pain was to do with unresolved emotional stuff from the past. I can say without exaggeration that my back pain has never been better.

JS, November 2015 


I found my sessions with Kirsty insightful. With her guidance I worked through forgotten memories and feelings, unlocking my long held fear of failing, panic and generally not being good enough. Now I am no longer being held back by unresolved feelings of the younger me, I can look and deal with life with ‘grown up’ resolve and peace. I have calm and understanding.


CS August 2018


Kirsty provided a reflective and safe space where I could work through some very personal issues and gained some huge insights into my own emotional reactions. Basically; ‘Sorting my shit out, so it no longer bites my on my a@@' . - Apologies for crudeness :)Kirsty's strength is her ability to help clients safely navigate the emotional turmoil they are trying to work through, with a compassionate and caring connection to the person without making it too invasive or unsafe.


AA June 2018


This treatment is amazing! For much of my life, I have felt trapped by false beliefs about myself taught by my parents & siblings. I never felt good enough & often guilty just for being around!The power of this treatment gave me the key to unlock the door & honour my authentic self! Thank you


MS September 2015

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