Wherever you feel stuck in your life - your relationships, your career, your business, your money, your health or happiness - reflects something you’ve already experienced, something from the past.


Something hidden away, out of sight, that is still holding you back in the present.


It’s actually liberating to understand that there are real reasons behind your fears and feelings.


To know that they are not an intrinsic part of who you are.


To know that once you unlock them, you can be free of them.





We live in a society which urges us to "think positive", that says "you have to learn to let go" and that "you can’t change the past" and that it’s essential "to forgive".



But that is not the way our minds are wired.



We can improve our mindset and tap into the law of attraction, we can practice a daily meditation but without deeper work, our subconscious programming will still drive our choices.



The good news is that our minds are incredibly clever and they want to heal.


That’s why we use psycho-dynamic hypnotherapy, along with our intuition and years of experience, to help you tap into your mind's unique natural healing ability. With this approach, there is nothing you can’t resolve. And we are both living proof of that.


















Psycho-dynamic Hypnotherapy harnesses the power of our own minds with a dynamic combination of two types of talking therapy; hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.


It also draws upon many other therapeutic techniques, including cognitive-based therapies like CBT, NLP and psycho-dynamic disciplines including humanistic, transpersonal and psycho-spiritual healing. This eclectic approach provides us with an extensive toolkit that makes every single session completely unique and individual to you.


Psycho-dynamic Hypnotherapy is based upon the science of our emotions and goes to the very roots of our feelings and behaviours. Once we know our real life story, we can untangle it, heal it and finally be free from the things that hold us back.


This is more than just the resolution of specific memories. Our minds are multi-faceted, multi-layered and our emotional wounds form a complex structure of behaviours, feelings and beliefs. Long-lasting resolution requires the unravelling and dismantling of these constructs. An approach like Psycho-dynamic Hypnotherapy, which goes way beyond simplistic one size fits all techniques, is essential.


The emotional mind is not like our intellectual mind. It has it's own logic, it's own rules. This is is why you haven't been able to think your way out of your problems.





If therapy sounds a little too fluffy to you, as people who have studied medicine and finance – we get it.

Please let us reassure you that a) even if you don’t know it, your feelings still influence all you do and b) this therapy is rooted in the science of the mind.


Our minds are extremely powerful.


They know what to bring to the surface at the right times. In a therapy session, your mind will never give you anything you can’t handle.


Once your mind has unlocked, there is nothing you can’t do.



We offer in-person therapy sessions in Salisbury, Tisbury (Kirsty only) and online for a wide range of issues, specialising in helping resolve childhood trauma - The Resolve Program


Kirsty also offers workshops and training for those wishing to learn more about Psycho-dynamic Hypnotherapy  or train as a Therapist - Dynamic Training

Break through belief sessions book here - Belief Mapping


To see if working with Kirsty or Agnes is the best way forward for you, book a 20-minute online or telephone consultation with either of us here.


The call is free, confidential and with no obligation.





"This treatment is amazing! For much of my life, I have felt trapped by false beliefs about myself taught by my parents & siblings. I never felt good enough & often guilty just for being around! The power of this treatment gave me the key to unlock the door & honour my authentic self! Thank you"

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