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Anxiety is a symptom – not a disease

We have just had Mental Health Awareness Week. There have been lots of conversations about mental health out there on social media, which is brilliant. Many people have been really brave and shared their own personal experiences of mental health. One of the hot topics has been anxiety. Anxiety is the number one symptom in the clients that I see in my Analytical Hypnotherapy practice. Some would say that there is an epidemic in terms of anxiety and depression in society and the world today. What I find really frustrating about the conversation and discussion around anxiety and mental health in general is the heavy focus on the symptom. Anxiety is not in and of itself a disease or disorder. It

Your Limbic System

Why you cannot think your way out of your emotional issues When you are feeling anxious, panicky, overwhelmed, or angry - why is it that you cannot think your way out of that emotional state? Why is it that when you tell yourself logically to calm down or that there is nothing to worry about, or feel angry about - why doesn’t that make you feel better? Or why does it only work in the very short term? Why doesn’t it shift you and move you out of those feelings? Why do those same feelings and responses seem to happen again and again? The answer lies in a part of your brain called the limbic system. It’s the part of your brain that deals with emotions and feelings and it’s separate from the int

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is really common now. Many people have heard of it or even tried it. If you look on the internet you see that even within hypnotherapy there are all these different types of hypnotherapy and different approaches, which can be really confusing. So, I’m going to start with the basics. Hypnosis – there is actually no definition that is agreed upon by everyone. People talk about hypnosis as being in a relaxed state, using your imagination, being in a trance – and it is all of these things. But, rather than focus on what it is, I’m going to talk about the 4 main areas in which it is used. Stage Hypnotism I get asked about this all the time. The thing people have seen when they are on

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