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Why triggers are gold dust - parenting and resolving the past

This week we are taking a look at “triggers” or “triggering”. It is a phrase that is used a lot in therapy and actually you hear it a lot outside of therapy too now. You may hear “…that triggered me,” or “…I found that triggering,” but what does it actually mean? In therapeutic terms, when we talk about triggering what we are saying is that something in the present has evoked or elicited feelings or emotions that are actually to do with a past traumatic experience. A trigger is your limbic system bringing to your attention something from the past that has not had the opportunity to be fully resolved: emotions and feelings that have not been integrated that your brain is reminded of by someth

What does Analytical Hypnotherapy feel like?

Have you been wondering what Analytical Hypnotherapy actually feels like? A lot of people worry, and I often hear: “Will I be able to do it?” “I have tried meditating and I couldn’t do that.” “I find it really difficult to relax.” “I cannot really switch my mind off, so I don’t think I will be able to do this.” So, I want to give you an explanation of what Analytical Hypnotherapy feels like. I think of it in terms of where we put our attention. We have a lot of information coming in all the time that we have to process, in many different ways, through sight, sound, touch and smell. When we are using hypnotherapy, all we are really doing is instead of all of our attention and focus being on t

Are your unmet childhood needs stopping you from achieving your dreams?

Last week, we took a look at anxiety and how it is the symptom, not the problem. We identified the need to look deeper to uncover what is beneath this anxiety. Normally, the root of the problem is nothing to do with the here and now. In fact, it often goes back to our past and our childhood. This week, I read an article that really struck a chord with that. It addressed the intense emotional pain often felt by adults who have experienced childhood trauma. In this study, they looked at that emotional pain as being unmet needs. They put it into three different categories of needs that were not met in childhood: 1) Safety and Security We have a need to feel safe and secure. When we don’t have t

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