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Let Your Body Speak

If you have been following me for a while you are probably used to me discussing hypnosis in terms of healing the past and resolving the long-term effects of early trauma. Most of us are really familiar with Hypnotherapy and hypnosis in terms of using it to change your beliefs and behaviour using positive suggestion - this could be thought of as “brainwashing”! This type of hypnotherapy often uses the analogy of your mind as a computer that needs reprogramming because it has somehow gone wrong and needs to be fixed. I think that type of concept of our mind does not do any justice to how powerful and truly amazing our mind really is. Our inner mind, our consciousness, to me, is way more powe

Three Ingredients for Effective Therapy

When it comes to thinking about what makes therapy effective you could say I’ve dedicated my whole life to answering that question. I have spent my life either in therapy, studying therapy, or being a Therapist and I now teach therapy on the Analytical Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training Course (next course starts September 2018, Salisbury). I have been reflecting on the people that I meet every day, both professionally and personally, who are all desperately seeking a way to free themselves from the psychological issues that they struggle with. They are looking for a solution to all of the emotional blocks that are holding them back and stopping them from doing what they really want to do in

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