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The Biggest Challenge You Will Face in Therapy

Anyone who has ever considered therapy has worries: Will I be able to do the hypnotherapy? Will I be able to handle feeling my feelings? How can I sort out the past if I don't even remember my childhood? I feel terrified of coming face to face with the past and having to remember something traumatic. All of those things are really challenging. The feelings that you feel and discharge during therapy are really challenging. But actually, the biggest challenge occurs before you even book your appointment or sit in the ‘therapeutic’ chair. The biggest hurdle that you have to overcome is your mind and body’s desire for homeostasis, for stability. Our mind has a real aversion to any kind of change

Is Fear Blocking Your Intuition?

My clients often express their frustration over situations where they didn’t listen to their instincts. They knew that the delivery wasn’t going to turn up on time or they knew that their boss was going to change their mind. Our intuition helps us with everything in life from the trivial, like a friend cancelling last minute or knowing that a client is not going to pay, to very serious things like that gut feeling that somebody close to you is seriously unwell. Over the years, I’ve witnessed the same transformation in my clients’ intuition. The therapeutic process increases their ability to listen to that inner knowing. The resolution of inner conflicts, fears and trauma results in an incre

Why does the thought of therapy feel like jumping off a cliff - counterintuitive and utterly terrify

Why is the thought of having therapy so SCARY? I’m going to share with you the real reason for the fear and why you should ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’. The answer will probably surprise you as the reason is not what most people expect. Every single client that I see, everyone who gets in contact with me, and anyone that has ever done any therapy will feel fear. Clients always say to me how desperate they are to solve their problems but also how terrified they are of doing it. Why does it feel so scary? Why is it that we find the thought of coming to therapy so absolutely terrifying? Are you someone who knows instinctively that there is something going on emotionally which is holding you

5 Things You Need to Know About Your Inner Critic

I am writing a programme for entrepreneurs that looks at the inner critic: all the different voices and personalities that we have inside of us. A key principle for the program is to adopt a more friendly position towards our inner demons. Instead of aggressively trying to banish and overcome the inner critical voices, we take a more collaborative, gentle approach and enter into a dialogue with that part of ourselves. When we go straight into banishing the inner critic, we are really missing a very important opportunity to find out why that part exists. If you don’t get to the underlying emotions, to why you have this inner critic, then you will never get to the root of the problem. You may

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