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The communication tool you’re (probably) ignoring

These days, we’re obsessed with communicating via Facebook, Tweets, texts and WhatsApp, and worrying about how we come across. But many of us struggle to be understood and live a fully expressed life. That’s why in this week’s #thursdaytherapy I shared the most important form of communication that you might be ignoring. Watch the replay here: To catch my #thursdaytherapy LIVE, make sure you’re following along here. Or here’s the quick readable version: Overcoming the breakdown in communication In therapy, you have the therapist (me) and I’m there using my conscious mind (intellect) and my intuition to understand, communicate and have a general overview of your issue. You, the client are sitt

Uprooting the ‘I’m not good enough’ belief

How does the belief 'I’m not good enough' show up in your life? I’ve had my own struggle with self-sabotaging behaviours lately, so my #thursdaytherapy this week was all about how hidden negative beliefs show up - and what to do to dissolve them. Watch the replay of my Facebook Live here: To catch these conversations LIVE every Thursday at 1pm, make sure you're following along here. Or here’s the quick readable version... Negative self-beliefs inhibit progress in all areas of your life Sometimes we’re aware of our self-sabotaging, negative self-beliefs - while others are lurking beneath the surface and we don’t even know we’re carrying them around. Unfortunately, it’s actually the hidden bel

You don’t have to live with insecurity, fear, and self-sabotage

Looking back on 2018 and feeling things didn’t happen the way you wanted them to or the same old stuff kept coming up? Don’t be disheartened, I get it! That’s why my #thursdaytherapy Facebook Live this week was all about how you can transform and change old beliefs so 2019 can be your year. Watch the replay here: To catch these conversations LIVE, make sure you’re following along here. Or here’s the scannable version: You CAN untangle yourself from the web of negative beliefs and behaviours But let me be crystal clear: It takes time and commitment to work through emotional issues. The real problem is that the root of our negative beliefs reside in a part of our inner mind called the limbic s

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