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What does it mean to be ‘triggered’?

Triggering is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days - and not always accurately. In my latest #thursdaytherapy, I explain what it actually is and give you practical tips for dealing with it. Watch the replay here: To catch my #thursdaytherapy conversations LIVE, make sure you’re following along here. Or here’s the scannable version... What is triggering? A trigger is something in the present that evokes feelings or emotions to do with a past stressful or traumatic experience that your mind hasn’t had an opportunity to process. When you are triggered, your limbic system (aka your emotional brain) is reactivated and brings something to your attention from the past that you haven’t re

The surprising benefit of winter

Winter may be a struggle but it also brings a unique opportunity for some serious emotional processing and leaps forward. So if you’re feeling low, this Facebook Live is for you. Watch the replay here: To catch these conversations LIVE, make sure you’re following along here. Or here’s the quick readable version: Winter is the ideal time to access your emotions The cold and dark affect us deeply. Over the last few weeks I’ve had so many clients speaking about how they’re struggling with low mood. If you’re feeling stressed, if you’ve slipped up with your exercise or healthy eating habits, feel less motivated and more inclined to eat high fat, high carb foods and want to withdraw and retreat -

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