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Do you feel like a relationship disaster zone?

In a previous blog about relationships issues, I explained that how you behave in your relationships, particularly with intimate partners and close friends, is shaped by your very early, preverbal relationship to parents or significant carers. Basically, these formative relationships are either based on a feeling of security or a sense of insecurity. Your choice of intimate partner in the present echos and replicates the patterns and dynamics of your relationship to your parents. If you are generally happy in your relationships, there is no need to read any further. BUT, if you feel like a total relationship disaster zone, working out your relationship style will give you real insight into

Keep having the same problems in your relationships?

If the same issues keep cropping up in your romantic relationships or with friends and family, today’s blog is for you. I’m delving into how your relationships today are shaped by your very first years - and what you can do to uncover your old patterns. How do you behave in romantic relationships? Do you lose yourself, your sense of who you are, your interests? Do you drop your friends when you are in a relationship? Do you find yourself transformed from a confident, independent person to anxiety-ridden whenever you’re not with your partner? Do you become reliant and dependant on your partner? Do you start off ok, but at the first sign of things getting serious, become filled with dread? Do

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