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4 Qualities Every Therapist MUST Have

Ineffective drugs, insincere social media messages and superficial quick fixes won’t heal the worldwide mental health crisis. Really good Therapists will. The world is a deeply challenging place to be right now. People are struggling. Prescriptions for anxiety and antidepressant medication increase but the problem isn’t going away. Richard Ashcroft was right when he sung ‘The drugs don't work, they only make things worse’. We are in crisis. The solutions offered - ineffective drugs plus Facebook and Instagram offering us cliched memes, meaningless soundbites, insincere and inauthentic messages - don’t raise people out of their suffering. In amongst this mess are, thankfully, increasingly lou

Sarah’s story of becoming an Analytical Hypnotherapist

Sarah’s story of how she came to train as an Analytical Hypnotherapist is both touching and inspiring. Take a look if you’re considering retraining. Sarah says: At 11-years-old, my son, who is autistic, developed anorexia and suicidal thoughts as a result of the school environment he was in. School doctors and especially CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) were no use. There was a two-year waiting list or no solutions available until either he weighed under 5 stone or made a suicide attempt. So, I was determined to find another way to help him. That’s when I decided to homeschool him and discovered Analytical Hypnotherapy. In the years since, I have been amazed at his transfo

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