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I’ve spent my life either in therapy, studying therapy or being a Therapist - I’ve made a lifelong commitment to understanding the human psyche and how to resolve all blocks, fear, trauma and emotional issues.


My mission has its roots in my own extremely abusive childhood. It’s a miracle that I survived to adulthood.


Psychodynamic Hypnotherapy allowed me to heal my trauma and not only survive but thrive; study intensively, run a busy practice, work with amazing clients and have a family and life I love.


This is why I’m so passionate about these therapeutic techniques and also why I am able to help others heal as I did.


I have seen the darkest side of humanity, but it’s enabled me to truly appreciate the opposite - where there is more light, more beauty and more love than you dreamed possible.


No matter what you’ve experienced (and no matter how tiny or huge you feel it is) I can help you through it gently and safely. Not just because of my experience and training, but because I’ve successfully gone through this process myself.


I personally tried every alternative therapy in existence, as many of my clients have as well, but Psycho-dynamic Hypnotherapy was the only thing that had the depth and effectiveness to truly help me release the past in a safe and lasting way.


As a member of both the GHC and ACCPH and in accordance with professional standards I receive regular professional supervision. What this means for clients is that I’m able to focus on 100% on your issues and constantly reflect on and develop my practice - as all good Therapists should!






No client session is ever the same. I am not prescriptive but use my deep experience, skill and intuition to identify the approach that will unlock your mind’s unique inbuilt healing mechanism.


If you are unsure what service you need or would just like to talk through the issues you are struggling with you are welcome to  book a 20-minute consultation with me. The call is free, confidential and with no obligation.

I am here to help. 


I also offer workshops and training for those wishing to learn more about Psycho-dynamic Hypnotherapy or train as a Therapist - learn more here Practitioner Diploma Training





"I found my sessions with Kirsty insightful. With her guidance I worked through forgotten memories and feelings, unlocking my long held fear of failing, panic and generally not being good enough. Now I am no longer being held back by unresolved feelings of the younger me, I can look and deal with life with ‘grown up’ resolve and peace. I have calm and understanding."

CS, August 2018 

"Kirsty has such deep empathy, warmth  and a capacity to provide gentle accompaniment. She is completely authentic and unpretentiousness. I so appreciated and benefited from her generosity of spirit and the relaxed vibe she created."

NB, March 2017


"Kirsty provided a reflective and safe space where I could work through some very personal issues and gained some huge insights into my own emotional reactions. Basically; ‘Sorting my shit out, so it no longer bites my on my a@@' . - Apologies for crudeness :)

Kirsty's strength is her ability to help clients safely navigate the emotional turmoil they are trying to work through, with a compassionate and caring connection to the person without making it too invasive or unsafe."

AA, June 2018



I have degrees and qualifications coming out of my ears, which includes several diplomas, a degree and an MA (RN Child, BA, MA, Dip AHP, Advanced Dip Dip AEOS, Cert HB).


I have trained extensively with Jacquelyne Morison, the acclaimed and pioneering Therapist, Author and Course Director at her accredited School for Hypnotherapy. I have been teaching part-time at the school since 2016 and since September 2018 I have been the Principal Tutor on the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma Course in Wiltshire. 

I am a lifelong student and study continuously (and always will!) across a wide range of fields including psychotherapy, trauma resolution, esoteric healing modalities including shamanic healing, energy healing and consciousness. All of which also inform my work.


I previously enjoyed a successful career, over many years, as a Paediatric Nurse and Complementary Therapist.  I am able to draw upon a wide range of methodology, having also studied Therapeutic Creative Writing and Personal Development at Masters level and Clinical Aromatherapy at diploma level.


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  • Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy - JMHT
  • Advanced Diploma in Clinical and Analytical Hypnotherapy Studies - JMHT
  • Diploma in Teaching, Training & Supervision Skills - JMHT
  • General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice - GHR
  • MA in Creative Writing for Personal Development - Sussex University
  • BA in English Literature - Goldsmiths University
  • Diploma in Paediatric Nursing - Kingston and St Georges NHS
  • Advanced level CPD course in Hypnobirthing - JMHT
  • Advanced level CPD course in Hypnotic Art Therapy - JMHT
  • Advanced level CPD course in EMDR Eye Movement Therapy - JMHT
  • Advanced level CPD course in Psycho-spiritual Therapy - JMHT
  • Advanced level CPD course in Gold Counselling Analytical & Creative Transformation- JMHT
  • Advanced level CPD course in Teacher Training - JMHT
  • Advanced level CPD course in Supervisory Skills - JMHT
  • Diploma in Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Science - Neal's Yard Remedies
  • Hypnobirth Practitioners Certificate

Professional Membership

  • Member of General Hypnotherapy Register
  • Senior Member of ACCPH
  • Current enhanced DBS

Other Recommended Practitioners

Agnes Mehaffey - Psychodynamic Hypnotherapist 




I’m Agnes and I am a qualified psychodynamic hypnotherapist. I believe that, with the right support, it is possible for anyone to overcome trauma and emotional issues and live a happy and fulfilled life. I help individuals to effectively resolve their symptoms by showing them how to access their inner resources and naturally dissolve the limitations caused by trauma.

Having experienced trauma in my early life, I spent most of my adulthood untangling the chaos it left me with. On my journey back to my true self, I undertook extensive personal drama and group therapy as well as studying and gaining qualifications in energetic work and spiritual healing.

It was only when I discovered psychodynamic hypnotherapy that my therapeutic journey reached a much deeper level.  This approach helped me to finally bring together all the disjointed aspects and knowledge about myself. Using psycho-dynamic hypnotherapy I was able to make sense of my life in a way that I had not previously managed.


This type of therapy provided me with a much-needed framework and a greater understanding of the healing process. I gained a thorough understanding of how the mind works and significantly how to facilitate the resolution of emotional issues. This unique therapeutic approach has transformed my life which is why I am so committed to sharing this powerful process to help others to do the same.

Originally from Hungary, I spent my formative years living in and travelling to many other countries including Vienna, Germany, Greece and most of central Europe. As an adult I was fortunate to work and travel extensively to many more countries including Ireland, USA, Vietnam and Chile. These experiences were a gift in many ways, not least because I developed a genuine interest in different cultures and a lived understanding of the diverse way people live and think.

In my early career I spent over a decade in various managerial roles supporting people in business environments which included leading a Customer Service team and Quality Management. The work demanded a high level of communication and interpersonal skills which, alongside my own healing journey, is where my passion to help people emerged. I was privileged to then have an opportunity to further develop my skills by working with, and providing additional specialist support to children and families in an early years setting.

I am so happy that I can now bring together my many years of experience of supporting individuals, children and families to offer this amazing, life changing therapy.


Every client has different needs and different ways of processing their issues. I work with you in a creative way to identify the approach that will unlock your mind’s unique inbuilt healing mechanism. Each session is bespoke and designed to meet your needs at that specific time.

I am bilingual and offer therapy sessions in both Hungarian and English.

I provide in person sessions at the New Street clinic in Salisbury and online via Zoom.

To book a telephone consultation and for information about my fees please email: agnesmmehaffey@gmail.com


                                WHAT CLIENTS SAY

"Hypnotherapy with Agnes

has been an incredible

experience for me. During

the therapy session I felt an

inner peace, my thoughts

freed up and it felt easy to

express them. As a result of

the therapy my anxieties

and convulsive thoughts

regarding the surgery and

the pain to follow have

vanished. Following the

surgery I woke up quite soon

and I felt well. I didn’t feel

any pain, so I was able to

sleep and rest through the

tough bit of the first phase

of recovery."

IE, Oct 2018



I have various degrees and qualifications, which includes several diplomas, a degree and an MSC and 

I have trained extensively with Kirsty Wick and Jacquelyne Morison.


  • Level 5 Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy - JMHT
  • General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice - GHR
  • Advanced level CPD course in Hypnobirthing - JMHT
  • MSC in Finance
  • BA in International Business and European Studies 
  • Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Early Years Development
  • Level 2 NVQ in Supporting Children with Learning Difficulties
  • Silva Mind Control - Basic level lecture certificate
  • Reiki Healing level 1 - R.A.I.
  • Reiki Healing level 2 - R.A.I.
  • Essenian Energy and Spiritual Healing Master Course Level 1. - R.A.

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"At first I was unsure what to expect from hypnotherapy. Agnes put me at ease and talked me through the process and provided a relaxing environment. During the process I felt comfortable and able to open my mind to new perspectives giving me insight into my deeper thoughts. After the session I felt almost enlightened as I had been given the chance to reflect on my behaviours and life choices. I would love to do more sessions and highly recommend Agnes as a therapist."

AE, January 2019

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