How to love and care for yourself this Valentines

Typically, Valentine’s Day is all about loving that one special person in your life. But many of us forget that it’s actually ourselves who are the most important people in our lives.

Most of us know exactly what we should be doing to take care of ourselves. So, why do we often struggle to put our good intentions into practice? Why, despite the numerous promises, are we not able to stop at one glass of wine or stick to our exercise plans?

There are many factors which influence our behaviour, but one of the most powerful is the influence of unresolved emotions and the way we feel about ourselves.

In analytical hypnotherapy, these hidden emotions are precisely what we focus on. Beneath the surface of our conscious mind, there may be feelings of guilt and shame, low self-esteem and fear. It's these unresolved emotions which can then appear in the guise of self-sabotaging and self-punishing behaviours.

There may also be, for example, an unconscious belief that “I am not worthy”, which manifests itself as eating unhealthy foods. If you are trapped in the cycle of “I keep drinking too much even though I desperately want to cut down” it may be your mind’s attempt to anesthetise you from a deeper pain.

The mind is always looking for something concrete to hang these unresolved feelings on to, so you drink because you feel guilty and you feel guilty because you drink. It’s a perpetual cycle.

Sometimes self-punishing behaviour also serves as a defence mechanism, for instance, staying overweight is your unconscious mind’s defence against being attractive, because being attractive doesn't feel safe.

Using analytical hypnotherapy, we are able to dive beneath the surface, discover and unearth those hidden feelings, emotions and beliefs.

Once we have unearthed the hurt, you can resolve the subsequent issues by targeting the root cause. You no longer need willpower to keep you on track because you have given yourself the gift of freedom from the guilt, the self-blame and the self-punishment.

Self-love is now your natural instinctive way of being.

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