What does Analytical Hypnotherapy feel like?

Have you been wondering what Analytical Hypnotherapy actually feels like? A lot of people worry, and I often hear:

“Will I be able to do it?”

“I have tried meditating and I couldn’t do that.”

“I find it really difficult to relax.”

“I cannot really switch my mind off, so I don’t think I will be able to do this.”

So, I want to give you an explanation of what Analytical Hypnotherapy feels like. I think of it in terms of where we put our attention. We have a lot of information coming in all the time that we have to process, in many different ways, through sight, sound, touch and smell. When we are using hypnotherapy, all we are really doing is instead of all of our attention and focus being on the outside (external) we are shifting that gaze towards the inner mind. Instead of focusing on the external, we are shifting it to what is happening internally. We shift our gaze to our inner mind, to what is happening with our thoughts and feelings.

The way in which you experience that is completely unique to you. In fact, it is as unique as your fingerprint!


Some people are very visual. They see things and work through things in a very symbolic and visual way. During Analytical Hypnotherapy, they may see images a bit like we do during dreaming but in this instance, they are awake.


Other people are much more auditory. During Analytical Hypnotherapy, they may hear sounds or notice voices that they are listening to and communicating with.


Other people may be more kinaesthetic. Their experience of Analytical Hypnotherapy may be all about feelings. They have the sensation and the feel of something. They may have sensations of touch or the feel of the ground.

Emotional Feelings

Other people may experience Analytical Hypnotherapy through emotions. Particularly when you are doing deeper work, sometimes you will have a wave of feelings come over you. There may be a wave of sadness or a wave of rage and anger with no particular context for it. In this experience there are no images or sounds with the feeling, it is literally a wave of pure emotion.


For other people, when they look inside it is much more about following their thoughts or looking at memories. Sometimes, people look and it is just a blank space but even that is something in itself.


Some will have very physical experiences during Analytical Hypnotherapy. Sometimes their body may feel very numb or they can get very strong physical sensations such as aches and pains. They may feel like they are spinning or tipping over. All of that is the nervous system, the limbic system, working and processing and releasing.

For most people, it is a mixture of all of these things that makes up the experience. Interestingly, not only is it different for every person but it is also different every time you do a session! Sometimes you will feel yourself going deeply within and other times you will stay more on the surface of your mind. The key thing to remember is that your mind has the most amazing capacity to heal. It knows exactly where you need to go, what you need to look at and how to process your emotional pain in order to heal. The one thing that you can totally trust is the amazing power of your mind’s innate healing mechanism.

If you have any questions, struggling with something and not sure about the best approach or how Analytical Hypnotherapy could help then email me on kirsty@springhypnotherapy.co.uk or find me on Facebook @KirstyWickHypnotherapy. You can also find lots of information on the website www.kirstywick.co.uk.

Want to learn more? Check out my weekly Facebook live #thursdaytherapy every Thursday at 1pm here on the Kirsty Wick Analytical Hypnotherapy page @kirstywickhypnotherapy. Each week I chat about therapy, without the jargon, and look at different techniques, tools, share information and look at specific issues such as anxiety, relationships, self-esteem and confidence. Get in touch with any question you would like answered or an issue you are struggling with.

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