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If you have been following me for a while you are probably used to me discussing hypnosis in terms of healing the past and resolving the long-term effects of early trauma. Most of us are really familiar with Hypnotherapy and hypnosis in terms of using it to change your beliefs and behaviour using positive suggestion - this could be thought of as “brainwashing”! This type of hypnotherapy often uses the analogy of your mind as a computer that needs reprogramming because it has somehow gone wrong and needs to be fixed. I think that type of concept of our mind does not do any justice to how powerful and truly amazing our mind really is. Our inner mind, our consciousness, to me, is way more powerful than a computer! It is like a vast terrain, an unexplored universe that we probably use only a minute fraction of.

Client Testimonial

I had an email from a client recently, that beautifully illustrates the power and potential of our mind. That shows us how hypnosis is so much more than brainwashing and reprogramming ourselves into positive thinking. This is a client that came to see me after a difficult couple of years. She had suffered a family bereavement, on top of other traumas. She had lost a lot of confidence and was unsure about her identity and was struggling to think about going back into the workplace. Alongside that, she was also suffering with debilitating hip pain.

When she came to see me, we did several sessions together. We used the hypnotherapy to explore her issues and address the lack of confidence. We also examined the physical pain she was feeling. Sometimes, a physical pain can be a manifestation of an emotional pain. We call this somatisation. It can be where the body is expressing or manifesting the emotions that are unable to be felt by the person. So, if anybody comes to see me and they have a physical pain, it is always worth having a look and exploring whether there is any kind of emotional connection. That is exactly what I did with this client but actually she was feeling her feelings so it was not her body having to express unfelt feelings.

This was the feedback I received following her course of Analytical Hypnotherapy sessions:

“I have had my MRI results and I am scheduled for another, more detailed MRI with dye. The first results are inconclusive and show changes to the femur bone. They don’t think it is cancerous or osteoporosis so I have put it aside patiently waiting for the next MRI to take place. I am fine in myself and am not worried, as the blood results showed no indication of cancer and I am still pain free. I am just in awe of the exercise you did with me, where I actually visualised the pain being the bone and it being “out of place” or causing the pain. What you do is incredibly powerful, so thank you!”

She was able to use the power of her mind to self-diagnose and identify the cause of her pain. The ability to do this isn’t unique: it is a skill that all of our minds possess. She was able to use her mind to literally scan her body and the message that she got back was that it was something to do with the bone. Even though, up until that point, the Doctors and Physiotherapists were telling her that it couldn’t be the bone. Yet, she has had the MRI that shows that the message she received from scanning her body was absolutely right. It was the bone!

The reason that we can do this is because our bodies are in a state of constant flux. There is a flow of communication back and forth from every part of the body to the mind. Down to a cellular level, the body is sending out different chemical signals and nerve impulses to our mind and other receptors. This information is interpreted and our body responds, so we are constantly self regulating. We are a responsive system. It makes sense that when we use our mind to tune in and connect, of course we are going to be able to pick up on where things are wrong. That is our basic biology. That is what the body and brain is designed to do.

Next time you have a pain, let your body speak to you. It is really simple. You don’t need special conditions or to be lying on a couch. You can do this anywhere, any time. You just take a moment, preferably somewhere quiet, and let your inner mind tune in to what your body is saying. You don’t need to be psychic. You don’t need to have special powers. This is hard-wired into you. This is in every cell. This is your basic human biology. Every single person on the planet can do this.

If you would like to try this but need some more help you can use this short, guided visualisation to see just how simple it is to identify the cause of pain.

If you have any questions, struggling with something and not sure about the best approach or how Analytical Hypnotherapy could help then email me on kirsty@springhypnotherapy.co.uk or find me on Facebook @KirstyWickHypnotherapy. You can also find lots of information on the website www.kirstywick.co.uk.

Want to learn more? Check out my weekly Facebook live #thursdaytherapy every Thursday at 1pm here on the Kirsty Wick Analytical Hypnotherapy page @kirstywickhypnotherapy. Each week I chat about therapy, without the jargon, and look at different techniques, tools, share information and look at specific issues such as anxiety, relationships, self-esteem and confidence. Get in touch with any question you would like answered or an issue you are struggling with.

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