The communication tool you’re (probably) ignoring

These days, we’re obsessed with communicating via Facebook, Tweets, texts and WhatsApp, and worrying about how we come across. But many of us struggle to be understood and live a fully expressed life. That’s why in this week’s #thursdaytherapy I shared the most important form of communication that you might be ignoring.

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Overcoming the breakdown in communication

In therapy, you have the therapist (me) and I’m there using my conscious mind (intellect) and my intuition to understand, communicate and have a general overview of your issue.

You, the client are sitting there, and your subconscious mind already knows exactly what your issues are, where they come from AND what it needs to do to fix them. But your conscious mind is completely in the dark.

Therapy works by repairing the breakdown in communication between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind - so you can understand yourself fully.

It is as if these two parts of your mind have been estranged, and sometimes for a very long time.

When you open up the lines of communication again and the conscious mind remembers and learns to listen to the subconscious, there is usually a lot of catching up to do.

You don’t need to be ‘fixed’

For me, the idea of coming to therapy (particularly hypnotherapy) and the therapist “fixing you” or “reprogramming” your brain, is a flawed one.

The answers and the power to heal are inside you - and have been the whole time.

You are already fixed. It is simply a question of reconnecting, listening and processing.

Rediscover the language of your subconscious to connect to your inner power
  • The subconscious communicates through symbolism and imagery

  • The language of the subconscious often seeps through into your conscious thoughts (that’s where Freudian slips come from)

  • The subconscious communicates through sensations - both physical and emotional

  • It can be subtle, and it takes time to develop the skill of listening, but your subconscious never stops communicating with you

  • Your conscious mind, usually because of trauma and stressful experiences, just had to stop listening for a while so forgot the language of the subconscious

Reawaken to the wisdom of your subconscious

Communicating with the subconscious through Analytical Hypnotherapy is not always comfortable or easy.

But when you do, you are reaching into an amazing storehouse within you that holds your entire being - not only your past, but your beliefs, values and all your future possibilities.

The experience of reconnecting to the subconscious can feel like magic.

After all, it is revolutionary, radical and expansive to finally access the potential that’s been within you all along.

If you want to experience some of this magic, learn the language of your subconscious and reconnect, awaken and expand to your full potential - join my workshop on the 5 January 2019. If you have never done work like this before, it’s your chance to experience it in a safe and gentle way. If you have worked with me before, this is a fantastic opportunity to go even deeper. BOOK NOW LINK
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