The surprising benefit of winter

Winter may be a struggle but it also brings a unique opportunity for some serious emotional processing and leaps forward. So if you’re feeling low, this Facebook Live is for you.

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Winter is the ideal time to access your emotions

The cold and dark affect us deeply. Over the last few weeks I’ve had so many clients speaking about how they’re struggling with low mood.

If you’re feeling stressed, if you’ve slipped up with your exercise or healthy eating habits, feel less motivated and more inclined to eat high fat, high carb foods and want to withdraw and retreat - YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

What is rising to the surface for you this winter?

The effects of winter on our mental health can be challenging. For many people, their symptoms of depression and anxiety get a lot worse.

It’s like the sunshine in the summer keeps things at bay but in the winter those more painful, difficult feelings that we don’t really want to feel, rise up to the surface.

Seeing winter as an opportunity

Over the holidays, there can be a lot of exposure to ‘triggers’ (think: family members) that take us back to childhood memories and feelings.

The disruption to your normal routine could be throwing you off-balance too. Our mind uses routines and familiarity to keep uncomfortable feelings at bay. Suddenly you’re not at work or the kids are off, and your routine gets thrown in the air which can be unsettling.

The holidays and winter time generally have the effect of stripping away a layer so those big emotions come to the surface.

Take your cues from winter - RETREAT

Just like the trees, at this time of year we want to hibernate as part of our natural cycle. We need this period of withdrawal and going within so we can emerge again in the spring.

Yet we think of personal development as doing and taking action.

Actually, your mind is processing your emotions even when you seem to be doing nothing (or when you’re being passive, introspective or procrastinating).

During the therapeutic process, a lot of people naturally experience this desire to retreat and withdraw.

Make peace with your darkness this winter

The winter is a time to go within, reflect, and honour the darkness within ourselves so we can emerge into the light again.

Use this time to quietly spend a few minutes with closed eyes and go within.

Imagine going all the way down into the roots of yourself and think about what it is that you would like to let go of.

Then set your intention for the path you want to follow for the year ahead.

If you’d like to go deeper into this work in a supportive and safe environment, find out how by booking a FREE call with me here.

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