Sarah’s story of becoming an Analytical Hypnotherapist

Sarah’s story of how she came to train as an Analytical Hypnotherapist is both touching and inspiring. Take a look if you’re considering retraining.

Sarah says:

At 11-years-old, my son, who is autistic, developed anorexia and suicidal thoughts as a result of the school environment he was in.

School doctors and especially CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) were no use. There was a two-year waiting list or no solutions available until either he weighed under 5 stone or made a suicide attempt.

So, I was determined to find another way to help him. That’s when I decided to homeschool him and discovered Analytical Hypnotherapy.

In the years since, I have been amazed at his transformation. He’s 18-years-old now and went to a special school, then onto normal college and is now in full time work. I still sometimes use strategies from Analytical Hypnotherapy with him if he’s particularly stressed, but he is doing brilliantly and doesn’t recognise his old self.

That’s what I love about being a Therapist; even if I never saw a single client it has helped me and my son so much.

My skills as an Analytical Hypnotherapist have also helped my husband boost his confidence for job interviews and my teenage daughter deal with school bullies.

I never wanted to have a full time practice and have never advertised, but clients seem to find me anyway.

I love seeing the transformation of my clients, especially teenagers who self-harm and then, as a result of therapy, go on to be happy.

Each client has helped me grow in confidence and knowledge and for that I thank them.

I have even treated another Hypnotherapist (a Clinical Hypnotherapist). Perhaps in the early days I may have been a bit worried about treating a professional in my field, but I took it in my stride and tried not to giggle when she offered me some of her scripts in the hope I would part with mine — she was very surprised when I explained that I don’t use them!

All of this transformation - for me, my family and my clients - has been possible because I took that first step and enrolled on the JMHT Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Practitioner Training Diploma. I would highly recommend anyone interested in healing do the same; it is truly life-changing.

Find out more about the Analytical Hypnotherapist training and apply to join this year’s group - healing your own pain so you can sit with others as they do the same is a gift to yourself and the world that you’ll never regret.

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