Wherever you feel stuck in your life - your relationships, your career, your business, your money, your health or happiness - reflects something you’ve already experienced, something from the past.


Something hidden away, out of sight, that is still holding you back in the present.


It’s actually liberating to understand that there are real reasons behind your fears and feelings.


To know that they are not an intrinsic part of who you are.


To know that once you unlock them, you can be free of them.
















3 Month Program

The initial course of treatment is a 3-month program. The sessions are available online and include 6 x 75-minute session.

There is the option of continuing sessions beyond the initial 3 months, which may be necessary if you are dealing with more complex issues like childhood trauma. We will assess this together on an on-going basis. We do not impose a  limit on the number of sessions you can attend.




During the first session a detailed case history is taken. You are then normally seen on a regular fortnightly basis. Each session is unique and tailored to your specific needs at the time. 

KIRSTY WICK - Fees for new clients (existing clients please contact Kirsty to confirm the fee)


3 Month Resolve Program - £699

Pay in full OR 4 x £175 monthly payments available


Please note the first payment of £175.00 is payable on booking to secure your place, followed by 3 x monthly payments.


Please contact Agnes via email for details of her fees

The first step in this transformational process is to book your FREE initial consultation here


Psychodynamic hypnotherapy is thorough and requires a commitment to the process in order for you to reap the full benefits. This initial consultation is an opportunity to have a chat, discuss what is going on for you and identify the best way forward before committing to any sessions. This is a pre-requisite for the Resolve Therapy Program.


If we don't believe we are the right therapist or this is the right approach for you we will advise you on other options.





Psychodynamic Hypnotherapy can be of benefit to you in order to naturally resolve any symptom, issue or problem that is emotionally or psychologically rooted. Some clients seek help because they want to be free of a specific issue e.g. panic attacks, childhood trauma. Other clients look for therapy to help them because they have a sense of being 'stuck', not living the life they want or a general feeling of unhappiness or discontent. 


No client session is ever the same. we are not prescriptive but use our deep experience, skill and intuition to identify the approach that will unlock your mind’s unique inbuilt healing mechanism to help resolve:


  • Anxiety & panic attacks

  • Birth trauma

  • Childhood abuse & abandonment

  • Alcohol dependency & addictions

  • Recreational drug dependency

  • Depression

  • Eating & digestive disorders

  • Fears

  • Grief & bereavement 

  • Habitual & behavioural disorders

  • Low confidence & self-esteem

  • Migraine & psychosomatic pain

  • Obsessive & compulsive tendencies

  • Pregnancy-related issues e.g anxiety, fear

  • Pain management

  • Phobias

  • Post-traumatic stress

  • Rape & sexual assault

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Sexual dysfunction

  • Skin conditions & blushing

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Stress

  • Stuttering & stammering

  • Weight management


The above is not an exhaustive list but examples of the types of issues people come to us looking for help with.




Why do you recommend a 3-month program initially?

There are no quick fixes when it comes to emotional healing. We do not believe in offering superficial treatments, which act as a band-aid but fail to resolve a person's issues on a deeper, more long-lasting level.  We are committed to your personal development and in our experience, this is the minimum amount of time required for you to get the results you need. Your mind needs time to process, heal and begin to assimilate a new way of being.  This approach is truly client-centred and holistic and ultimately the number of sessions you require will depend on the severity and complexity of the issues and your unique response to the therapeutic process. 


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What exactly happens in a session? 

The first appointment is about 90 minutes and during this session, we will complete a thorough case history. Depending on the amount of time we have available we may do a short hypnosis session as well. Subsequent sessions usually begin with a chat to see where you are at.  We will then help you to go into a hypnotic state using a variety of techniques. Hypnosis only works with your active and willing participation. This is not stage hypnotism. You remain completely in control and aware of where you are and what you are doing at all times during a session. 


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Do you work with children?

Yes Kirsty offers sessions for children aged between 6  - 17 years which you can read about here.


What makes Psychodynamic Hypnotherapy different to other types of hypnotherapy?

Most Hypnotherapists offer suggestion or solution-focussed hypnotherapy and this is commonly presented as a ‘quick fix’ solution. This type of therapy is effective for issues that are not psychologically deep-rooted. Suggestion or solution-focussed hypnotherapy can help a client to do something they really want to do (e.g. public speaking) or to stop doing something they don’t want to do ( e.g. stop smoking), provided there are no underlying emotional or psychological issues.


Psychodynamic Hypnotherapy is different from suggestion hypnotherapy because it is effective in dealing with the root cause of psychological and emotional issues. In practice, this means not just treating symptoms superficially or providing a method of coping with life’s problems but actually resolving dilemmas and issues naturally and effectively at the root of the problem.


Ethical practitioners...

The one significant and very important difference with our practice is that we have undertaken an extensive personal analysis. This means that we have processed and resolved enough of our own issues to be able to help you without bringing our own feelings into the therapeutic relationship. We are able to create a safe space for your inner mind to reflect on your issues. We both also receive regular supervision, which means that we review our work with another Senior Practitioner to make sure we are offering you the best service possible. Both of these things are there to keep you safe and to ensure you get to work on resolving your issues in the most effective way. 


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Breakthrough Belief sessions book here - Breakthrough Belief Sessions

Birthgently Hypnobirthing Therapy click here - Hypnobirthing Therapy

For details of Children's Hypnotherapy click here - Children's Hypnotherapy

Kirsty also offers workshops and training for those wishing to learn more about Psycho-dynamic Hypnotherapy  or train as a Therapist - Practitioner Diploma Training


To see if working with Kirsty is the best way forward for you, book a 20-minute online or telephone consultation with her here.


The call is free, confidential and with no obligation.






"I've been suffering mental health issues all of my life, and finally addressing the deep rooted issues from my childhood has been a life changing experience. I realise these issues now they have been brought to light and I'm confident I can overcome them with the help of this therapy. I just wish I had done it sooner!" 
WE, August 2018

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